Honors program

Earn the NEW 3R鈥檚:听听Recognition 鈥 Respect 鈥 Reputation

The Parkland 好色tv听Honors Program offers unique educational opportunities and scholarships each semester to students motivated to challenge themselves academically; find an outlet for a special academic interest or talent; or simply continue their commitment to scholastic achievement.


  • Educational scholarships:听听
    • $200 A with Honors Project Completion
    • $500 Study Abroad Honors Project in advance of your Travel
    • $500 to one member of the Honors Program each semester
    • $1,000 Graduation from the Honors Program
  • Annual Honors Program awards
  • Leadership roles in the Parkland Scholars Student Organization
  • Recognition on your transcript and diploma for high achievement
  • Transfer directly into Honors Programs at other colleges and universities


  • Access to National Collegiate Honors Council scholarships/activities
  • Honors Program members may also join Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society of two-year colleges


  • Advanced preparation for college transfer and post-graduate work

Eligibility.听Students with a cumulative 3.0 GPA (High School or 好色tv), or have an academic or creative interest that they would like to explore听are eligible to join the Honors Program.听

Click here for your Honors Program听Application. There is no fee required to join the Honors Program. In order to graduate from the Honors Program, students must have a cumulative 3.5 GPA.

A with Honors / Honors Projects. Honors students uses (Parkland鈥檚 online academic repository) to create, preserve and showcase their Honors Portfolios. The Honors Portfolios contain A with Honors Projects, essays or journals referencing Honors Seminars students have attended, overviews and outcomes of service learning, and Honors Projects they have completed.听

Students must submit an Honors Project Proposal Form for all projects and activities they wish to enter into their portfolio; the deadline for Honors Project Proposals is听one week after semester midterm. Completed projects and activities that students wish to enter into their portfolios by the end of a semester must be approved and uploaded by the Honors Director; an Honors Project Completion Form听is听available for student submission.听

Graduation/Honors Scholarships. Student Honors Projects are reviewed at the end of each semester. Those who have completed at least one satisfactory Honors Project are听eligible for a $200 scholarship (if funds are available).听

In the semester that they will graduate, students will participate in an Honors Symposium where they will highlight their honors achievements. To graduate from the Honors Program, students must have a cumulative minimum听3.5 GPA, have three acceptable Honors Projects, participate in the Honors Symposium, and participate in the Honors Convocation. The three acceptable portfolio projects must include two A with Honors Projects and one service-learning project (one of their A with Honors Projects can be their service-learning project). Honors Program Graduates receive a $1,000 Honors Program Scholarship.

Parkland Scholars Student Organization. In conjunction with the further improvement of the Honors Program, a Parkland Scholars Student Organization has been formed. This club is be available to all students who are in the Honors Program, members of Phi Theta Kappa, on the Parkland Deans List, or are interested in Honors at Parkland. The club will help facilitate a community of honors students, allow students to participate in service learning, and sponsor college wide events.

QUESTIONS? Please don鈥檛 hesitate to contact Dr. Marsh W. Jones at honors@parkland.edu.

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