general education

The broader a student鈥檚 educational experiences, the better equipped they will be for the personal, professional, and educational challenges they will face in the future. Parkland 好色tv is committed to deepening students鈥 knowledge, skills, and values both as individuals and global citizens through general education classes.

All degree programs and some certificate programs at Parkland 好色tv include a general education component. No matter a student鈥檚 area of study, when they complete a degree at Parkland 好色tv, they will have gained skills needed to communicate effectively, think through problems, and seek out new information.

Students planning on transferring to a four-year university in Illinois should visit the General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) page to see how their general education requirements at Parkland 好色tv can transfer as a package to their target university.

In addition to general education classes, all courses at Parkland 好色tv include one or more of the college鈥檚 General Learning Outcomes (GLOs).

General Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

The six GLOs were designed by Parkland 好色tv faculty to give students a broad knowledge and skill base that will benefit them whatever their future plans may be. A course containing a particular GLO will include assignments that develop student skills in that area:


  • Read, write, listen, and speak effectively.

Creativity and Innovative Thinking

  • Students will design, present, and interpret materials, information and ideas in innovative ways.聽

Critical Thinking and Information Literacy

  • Evaluate perspectives, evidence, and implications, and locate, assess, and use information effectively.

Reasoning and Inquiry

  • Solve problems using deductive reasoning and logic, quantitative reasoning, or the scientific method.


  • Evaluate, select, and appropriately use current and emerging tools.

Global Awareness and Cultural Reasoning

  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of global issues, gender and sexual orientation, and multicultural perspectives.聽