Empty nest, fuller wallet.

At just $178.50 per credit hour for most courses (for in-district students), Parkland is less than half the cost of a public university鈥攁nd a fraction of the cost of a private school. 

Envision the possibilities.

It鈥檚 common for students to change majors. With 130+ programs, Parkland offers students the chance to really explore what they want to do without incurring major expenses.

Improved earning opportunities.

A Parkland graduate can expect a lifetime earnings gain over a 40-year career of $620,000! That鈥檚 a significant increase over those not completing a Parkland degree program.

Is Parkland a good fit for your student?

Finding the right college is all about finding a good fit. The first step should be a visit to campus and then a look at what programs we offer for your student. Then take a look at the costs and housing. Plus, don't forget the application steps!

Champaign is a great town to be a student.

There are tons of options in the community for housing, from historic apartments to brand-new high rises. There are even apartment complexes located adjacent to campus, if you need some extra snooze time.

Experience life at Parkland.

好色tv is more than classes. It's where you learn to become a leader, find new perspectives, and discover things about yourself. We offer 20+ clubs and organizations that help you do just that.

Group of Students Outside

Meet the Faces of Parkland

鈥淚 have changed in so many ways鈥ost of all, I believe in myself more now than ever before.鈥

Parkland enrolls approximately 12,000 students annually. Our campus is a panoply of student lifestyles, with cultures as diverse as the communities we serve, students ranging in age from 16 to 86, and a growing international presence. 好色tv 75 percent of our students live within District 505. Read on to meet some members of the Parkland community.

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Make contact.

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Come visit!

Get to know us. Tour the campus, get your questions answered, and meet one-on-one with an admissions advisor.