LatinX student resources

"You have to learn to dream big. Education exposes you to what the world has to offer, to the possibilities open to you."听 ~Sonia Sotomayor, U.S. Supreme Court Justice and the first Hispanic to serve on the Supreme Court

Academic and Career Resources


TRiO Student Support Services听at Parkland 好色tv promotes equal opportunity to succeed by providing high-quality and responsive support services for first-generation college students, low-income students, and students with disabilities.

Support for Workforce Training (SWFT)

Parkland 好色tv's听Support for听Workforce Training (SWFT)听program helps in-district residents move into high-demand careers with family-sustaining wages within a year or less. SWFT was founded with the support of the Illinois Workforce Equity Initiative grant. We strive to close the career gap by assisting underserved residents in advancing their academic and professional careers.

Career Services

Whether you are a student choosing a college major or are鈥痑 dislocated worker, career changer, or retiree, we have听career resources and services听designed to assist you.听


  • Parkland Scholarships
    Parkland offers a wide variety of merit-based, need-based, and identity-based scholarships. Search the list of听听which accept applications each fall and spring.

  • The University of Illinois maintains a听听for Latina/Latino听college students.听

Undocumented Students

Parkland 好色tv is committed to serving students and assisting them to reach their educational goals, regardless of citizenship status.听No federal or state law prohibits the admission of undocumented immigrants to听US听colleges, public or private.听Federal or state laws do not require students to prove citizenship in order to enter US institutions of higher education. Undocumented students who are not otherwise eligible for federal financial aid may apply for Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants using the听.听

Engagement and Mental Health Resources


Student Life maintains a list of听student organizations听that are currently active, as well as ones that have existed in the past but have become inactive. If you do not find one that meets your interests, contact Student Life for information on starting a new one.

Club Latino

Club Latino is for those who want to serve the community, learn about Hispanic/Latino cultures, and have fun. We spend our time doing service activities, kick back activities, and having club meetings where we share information and discuss what we want to do next.

Advisors: Charles Larenas (

President: Maricela Mata-Villa (

Treasurer: Paulina Reynoso-Ixcoy (

Meeting: Thursdays @ 12 pm in D203

Counseling Support Center

Our听Counseling Support Center听offers counseling services, workshops, peer mentoring, and more.

Parkland is part of听, an anonymous mental health peer support network, available to听you 24/7. The TalkCampus听platform combines intuitive听design,听clinical excellence, world-class technology and global support to听over 250 institutions and millions of students worldwide. Available in 26 languages.

Community Resources

Community Resources

    has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Latina/o students and the campus community, as well as local and global communities. La Casa reflects the diversity of Latina/o cultures and exemplifies el 茅xito Latino that shapes the Americas in our contemporary world. All students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in La Casa鈥檚 many educational, cultural, and social advocacy programs.

      ISCU.jpgThe purpose of is to extend a welcoming hand to immigrant families who are new to our community. When families face obstacles, we are here to help; we provide them with the tools they need to build a future where their talents and skills will help them fulfill the dreams they had when they first arrived in this country.

      latino partnership logo-resize267x94.png

      The is an organization dedicated to supporting the Latino community of Champaign-Urbana and the surrounding area. Their mission is to eliminate discrimination, defend human and civil rights protected by the law, support instruction or training individuals to develop and improve their skills and abilities, share public awareness and understanding of timely issues which are pertinent and beneficial to the community. 

      NAWC.JPG The at the University YMCA works to co-create a community where all immigrants can thrive and flourish. They do this by engaging local institutions and mobilizing community resources to ensure equitable access to services, economic opportunity, and meaningful belonging.


      ImmigrationProject_logo.png The  provides non-profit immigration legal services in Central and Southern Illinois. The Immigration Project endeavors to provide access to justice for immigrants and their families through immigration-related legal and educational services to immigrants, refugees, their families, and others in downstate Illinois.

      National Resources

      National Resources

      is a student leadership conference affiliated with the Miller Institute. The learning outcomes at each conference are to raise awareness, increase knowledge, and develop skills related to being a Latinx agent of social change. 

      USHLI.pngThe mission of the is to fulfill the promises and principles of democracy by promoting education and leadership development, empowering Latinos and similarly disenfranchised groups through civic engagement and research, and by maximizing participation in the electoral process. They host an annual leadership conference that brings together Hispanic students, educators, and young professionals.

      A detailing general resources from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, including resources specific to the Hispanic/Latinx community.

      provides resources for the Latinx community to heal, thrive, and becomes advocates for their own mental health. They maintain a directory of Latinx therapists.